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May 12, 2012
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Oliver leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on your lips. Your eyes widened, and immediately you fought to get free, but his grip on your wrists tightened, and he kissed you harder. You slightly caved and kissed him back for a moment, but snapped back out of it and struggled again. This time, you broke free, but fell to the floor.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT?!" you screeched. You stopped, however, when you saw his face. He was grinning in a way you'd never seen before.. A look of.. What was that..?

"I did say whatever means necessary, didn't I?"


You stood and ran quickly, trying to get away from him. What the hell just happened?! Why did he just kiss you?! What the hell was going on?!

You continued to run, and ran upstairs. Soon though, you stopped at hearing a familiar sound. What was that..? You turned to your right, hearing a familiar song, and walked towards the door of which it was coming from. Slowly, you turned the doorknob and flipped on the light. It was.. Your room.. But how was this even possible?? All the contents of your room was right here before you, with a familiar song playing from the stereo.

'Don't wake me! Cause I don't wanna leave this dream. Don't wake me! Cause I never seem to stay asleep enough. When it's you I'm dreaming of; I don't wanna wake up.'

You blushed and picked up the remote, flipping the music off. You stared down at the remote. Everything was perfectly in place, just as you had it at your house. Right down to the smallest of details. How? How could he do this just right? You immediately set the remote down and turned on your heel, heading back downstairs to get answers.


Of course, where else would you find Oliver but in the kitchen baking? And that's right where he was. You leaned on the frame of the kitchen door, watching as he went about baking more cupcakes. He removed a pan that had just finished, and placed another pan in, a wide grin plastered on his face as he did so. As he went about, you couldn't help but smile to yourself at the scene before you. He looked so adorable.

NO! NO! Bad! Get a grip! He kidnapped you and was holding you against your will! ..Right?

You silently sighed, and continued to watch him as he baked. He quickly turned around, holding a piping bag to ice the cupcakes behind him, but dropped it in surprise when he saw you standing there.

"Oh butterscotch! What are you doing there?" He exclaimed, blushing and placing a hand on his chest. "You about gave me a heart attack, love!"

You giggled at his reaction, then smiled back.


"No, no, don't apologize!" his face was still a bit red, which made you giggle. He got a thoughtful look, then his eyes focused back on you. "Oh, right! Did you need something, love?"

You suddenly remembered why you came down here, and your face took on a bit of a serious expression.

"Oh, yeah, right. About that room up there.." You said, pointing upwards. "Why does it look exactly like my room? Why are all my belongings here?"

His face suddenly fell, and he took on a 'kicked puppy' look. He looked as though he would cry at the wrong words.

"Did I get it wrong? Was something out of place? I tried to make everything perfect! Everything in the exact places that you had them! Was it not right?"

You blushed.

"N-No! Everything's exactly how I had it! I'm not saying anything like that! I was just wondering why all of my stuff's here.. And why you aren't acting like.. Well, you.."

You turned your head away, refusing to look at him. Damn it.. Why did he have to look so damn cute like that? It made your heart ache to see him look like that..

His face returned to it's happy, care-free expression.

"Is that all?"

You looked him straight in the eye.

"That's all you wanted to know?" You nodded. He smiled a heart-warming smile, and walked to where you stood. You slightly flinched, but didn't deny him permission to take your hand in his. "I'm trying to win your heart~"

You blushed deep. He was looking at you with that look from before.. Damn it! What was that look?!

You suddenly backed away, pulling your hand from his grip, and looking away once more, embarrassed by his words. He looked at you with a slightly hurt expression.


You flinched again, then turned and ran back to your 'room', flopping on the bed and playing the song from before your questioning.

'I went to bed, I was thinking about you. And how it felt when I finally found you.'

You buried your face in your pillow.

'It's like a movie playing over in my head. Don't wanna look cause I know how it ends.'


*Oliver's Point of View*

I heard the music from overhead, and sighed.

'All the words that I said that I wouldn't say. All the promises I made that I wouldn't break.'

I sighed again.

'It's last call, last song, last dance; Cause I can't get you back, can't get another chance. And now... I guess...'

I sang along with the chorus, a few tears falling from my eyes. I had never felt this feeling before, and she was denying me of it.. Why? What should I do? Why won't she return my feelings?!

I knelt down, on my knees on the cold kitchen tile, crying. That is, until I smelt my cupcakes in the oven getting a little too brown, and quickly wiped my eyes before rushing to the oven to save them.


*Your Point of View*

You sighed, a tear escaping your eye. You didn't know how to handle everything that was happening. You thought you were starting to like this side of him, but.. How..? It was impossible, wasn't it? You heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and heard them pass your room, and go into another room on the floor. You paused your music to listen, and loud, audible sobs could be heard. You gasped in realization.

Oliver was crying. The man you had just, in a way, turned down. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. You thought he never cried..

You immediately scrambled from the bed and ran to the hallway, looking around for any sign of him. You followed the sobs to the end of the hallway and into a big, bright room. What you found there was Oliver sitting at his dresser, his hands covering his eyes as he wept. He seemed to be mumbling things to himself; something about 'doesn't return my feelings' and 'why can't she understand'.

It was then that you understood what the look in his eyes had been.

It was love.
This is the non-lemon chapter 5. I hope it's good!

It gets a little more serious here. The reader slowly starts putting two and two together and figures out stuffs.

Yeah, since it was kinda sappy and sad-ish, I was listening to one of my favorite bands: Skillet.

The song used is here: [link]

The preview picture was done by me. I own it. =w=

Hetalia is (c) the godlike creators.
You are (c) . . . Who?

Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5 (non lemon): [X]
Chapter 5 (lemon): [link]
Chapter 6: [link]
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Awesome story!!!~
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