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August 26, 2012
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Francis held up the note for Oliver to read. Oliver's expression quickly turned darker and darker with every word he read.

"WE HAVE SOME NEW TARGETS, BOYS." Oliver said, cracking his knuckles. "LET'S GO!"


After some odd hours of being out cold (thanks to the classic chloroform trick), you finally came to, but much to your displeasure, you were still blindfolded and your hands bound behind your back. You didn't move. You instead listened to try and figure out where you were, and what was going on.

Momentarily, the hum of an engine was heard. A slight vibration could be felt below you, and you could tell you were in a vehicle of some sort. Your arms rubbed against the wall of the vehicle, and you could feel a carpeted wall. The floor beneath you was hard, and though you were blindfolded, some light shone through. You sniffed quietly, and the smell of pine could be smelt. Pine wood floors, perhaps? Were you in one of those moving trucks that people rent out to move their furniture or something?

You listened closer, trying to make out other noises or smells. You could hear some music coming from behind you, and you figured you were seated against the cab of the van where the driver was. You focused out in front of you, and you noticed some bickering going on amongst more kidnappers.

Wait.. More? Crap. You strained your hearing, seeing as it seemed they were trying to bicker quietly as to not disturb the captive. You could hear bits and pieces of the conversation going on.

"..Horses arse!"

"Black sheep.."

Wait a minute.. Where had you heard those insults before..? Suddenly, it hit you, and you sat bolt upright.


Suddenly, there was terrified screaming and yelling from your sudden outburst, and then gasping as the terrified Allies tried to calm down.

"I rescued your arse, that's what!"

You growled, displeased at his answer as well as not being able to give him the death glare you so eagerly wanted to.

"Take this damn thing off my eyes. NOW."

There was movement, and suddenly the blindfold was loosened and removed. You blinked your eyes, adjusting them some, then glared directly at the man before you.

"Arthur bloody Kirkland. You just committed a felony. You KIDNAPPED me! And not to mention you used chloroform, broke into a person's house, and tied up the person you KIDNAPPED! YOU DON'T DO STUFF LIKE THAT! IT'S ILLEGAL!"


You looked away, scoffing at his calling Oliver a monster.

"He wasn't a monster. He was the farthest thing from it.." Your eyes slightly watered. "You could do to take some lessons from him."

"And just what is that supposed to mean?!" Arthur barked back.

". . Nothing."

The van hit a bump, and he fell backwards. You glared at the ground, wishing you had been the one to make him fall back, but because your hand struck his face. Who was he to 'save' you? You were perfectly capable of saving yourself! You were not a weakling, and Arthur, who was your 'best friend' knew that. So why did he suddenly care so much and decide to be a 'hero' and 'rescue you from a monster'?

Arthur sat up again. You glared at him once more.

"Untie my hands. I'm starting to get a rope burn on them."

With a low growl of displeasure, he untied them, freeing you of your confines. You stood abruptly, not caring that the van was moving, and slapped him with all your might.

"Take me back."

Arthur touched his cheek.

"_____, what's gotten into-"

"TAKE ME BACK!" you said again, more angry. Arthur's expression got colder.

"No. I will not allow you to live there with HIM."

"And why not?! I'm alive, aren't I?! He treats me like a damn princess!!"

"Oh, is that what you want?! To be treated like a bloody princess?! To have everything at your beck and call?!"

"That's not the way he-"

"Then how DID he?!"

You bit your lip and clenched your hands into tight fists.

"He did nice things for me! He showed me kindness, consideration, and selflessness! I never had to do a bloody thing for him! Just my being there was enough for him! He's been alone all his life.. He was hurting! Hell, he's probably curled up in a ball on his bed crying his eyes out right now! I was the best damn thing he'd ever had the courtesy of having around!" your eyes were watering, and you had to blink them back as you stared him down cold to keep from crying. "If anything happens to him, Arthur Kirkland, I swear to God above that I will take my revenge on you!"

Arthur looked up at you in disbelief.


Suddenly there was a bang on the roof above your head. Then four more. Everybody looked up at the ceiling of the van.

"Damn! They're here!" Arthur looked at you. "Don't worry, ______! Whatever spell he put on you, I'll break it once we're safe!"

You stared at him in disbelief.

"You really ARE bloody kidding me! I'm not SPELLED or ENCHANTED or anything! I'm perfectly FINE!"

"Yeah, sure."

Suddenly, a circle was cut in the roof, and down came Oliver's cheery face.. With a slightly eerie tint to it.

"Ello, love! I came to take you home!"

"Leave her alone!" Arthur yelled, pulling a gun from it's holster on his leg. He shot it up at Oliver, but missed, hitting the metal of the ceiling instead, and sending the bullet through the floor mere inches from his own foot.

"You idiot! Do you want to get us all killed?!" You yelled. He growled and re-holstered his gun. He grabbed your arm and tossed you towards the back of the van towards the rest of the Allies.

"Protect her!" Arthur yelled.

Oliver jumped down from the roof into the van, followed by Francis, Alfred, Matthew, and Ivan. It was going to be five on five.

Or so they thought.

You were most certainly not going to settle for being held back by the original Ivan.

Arthur re-drew his gun, aiming straight for Oliver's head. Your eyes widened some as you saw the scene before you. Arthur's finger on the trigger, aiming right for the middle of Oliver's forehead.

"I'll ask you only once to leave quietly and leave ______ alone and here with us where she belongs."

"I'm afraid I can't allow that." Oliver stated. With that, Arthur's anger rose, and he began pulling the trigger.

At that moment, everything seemed to slow down. Time seemed to go into slow motion.

You broke away from Ivan's grip and ran for Oliver..

Arthur pulled the trigger..

A searing pain through your body..

A cry of agony and your name being called..

Oliver reaching out for you to catch you as you fell..

And then..


Faded to black.
Chapter 9!

No, this is not the end! I might write a few more chapters and end this series. I dunno yet. I think it's reached it's climax, so falling action from here to the resolution. (lol, my English teacher would be so proud of my technical terms! XD)

Anyway, I know the picture is of Arthur, but it kinda fits for this chapter since it mostly has Arthur instead of Oliver.

Chp. 8: [link]
Chp. 9: [X]
Chp. 10: [link]

You belong to you.
Art belongs to me.
Story belongs to me.
Hetalia belongs to the creators.
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swreld-star Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
well shit :L
AnimezingOtaku Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And that, my children, is why America declared the American Revolution. (Arthur Kirkland, you dick.)
xXNonakXx Mar 27, 2014  Student General Artist
o 7 o
AnimezingOtaku Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
xXNonakXx Mar 27, 2014  Student General Artist
o 7 o;
me: hee hee........ I let my viking side show........
I don't know about enchantment, but Stockholm syndrome comes to mind. Just kidding! I love this story!
xXNonakXx Mar 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Hehe, thanks! ^ 7 ^
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